About Dr. J. Richard Lilly

Dr. J. Richard Lilly is the founder and medical director of J. Richard Lilly, M.D., A.B.F.P and Associates. Dr. Lilly is board certified and recertified in Family Practice. His wife Elizabeth is a retired board certified Psychiatrist. They have two children and 5 grandchildren. Dr. Lilly grew up in a working class community, in Baltimore, MD. He was a proud dues paying member of the United Steel Workers of America. He still carries his union card.

Dr. Lilly has dedicated his life to the enrichment of healthcare not only in his medical practice but in our community, state and national level as well. He has made a significant impact on our lives. Dr. Lilly was is a former member of the Maryland Board of Physicians by Governor Martin O'Malley. He also served as Chairmen of the Maryland State Council on cancer control for Governor's Glendening, Ehrlich, and O'Malley. Dr. Lilly was the Assistant Medical Director for all the urgent care service sites of the Minute Clinic throughout the state of Maryland. He was one of the original founders of Doctor's Community Hospital where he served as Chief of Staff and a long standing member of the Board of Directors. He was one of the founders of the family practice residency at the University of Maryland and the founder of the Prince George's County Hospital's department of family practice and family residency program. To see more about Dr. Lilly's contributions to our community please click on the links below.